Who We Are

About the National Black Nurses Foundation, Inc.

Serving to Lead. Leading to Serve.

The National Black Nurses Foundation, Inc. (NBNF) was incorporated as a 501(c) (3) organization in 1991 in the District of Columbia. The Foundation is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and registered in both the District of Columbia and Georgia.

The Foundation is engaged in activities that include increased access to care, decrease of chronic diseases and related risk factors in underserved, underrepresented and at risk and vulnerable populations, advancing health equity, creating minority nurse leadership development programs, and developing a diverse healthcare workforce. One of the Foundation’s priority aims is to improve the state of nurses, particularly African-American nurses through cooperative relationship with other similar international nursing, community, faith-based, professional, and consumer organizations across ethnic populations.


Improving the quality of life for underserved and underrepresented populations.

The National Black Nurses Foundation convenes coalitions and builds programs and activities that offer updates and information to increase the awareness of early detection and prevention of heart disease, diabetes, ...


Advancing the knowledge and capacity of healthcare professional workforce and consumer of health services to achieve health equity.

The significance of an informed workforce and consumers are paramount in the development of programs for NBNF. Through multidisciplinary accredited continuing educational programs, NBNF continues its involvement in providing value-added opportunities...


Achieve health equity for all by advancing the knowledge and capacity of nurses and other health professionals to assist the public.

Our programs and activities are initiated for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other public health workers to establish an open dialogue and information exchange network to increase research, treatment, education...

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